Light 'n' Easy OP800 Optimus High Temperature Steam Mop Eliminates 99.9% Bacteria 1200W WHITE

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  • £25.95

Outstanding Cleaning Performance – Perfect for Hard FloorSurfaces
OPTIMUS is ready in seconds…offering a faster and superior cleaning solutionfor your hard floor surfaces.  Turningordinary tap water into super-heated steam helps eliminate germs and bacteriaavoiding the need for harsh chemicals.


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High Temperature Steam – cleans and sanitises all floorsurfaces.

The constant super heated steam eliminates 99.9% ofbacteria, germs and mites leaving your floor surfaces clean and hygienic

Ready To Use in less than 30 seconds

Light weight Ergonomic Design  - quick and easy to use

Energy Saving Patented Steam System

Push & Pull Steam switching system see image.

Power Rating 1200 Watts

High Temperature Steam – cleans and sanitises all floor surfaces.

Operating Temperature 140ºC

Water Tank Capacity 240 ML

Cord Length 5 Metres- fitted with BS 3 Pin Plug

Product weight 2.1 kg

Main unit measures 258 x 170 x 1180 mm

Boxed weight 2.5 kg

Measuring 275 x 135 x 570 mm